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Whether you have employees working round the clock in multiple shifts or regular employees, we have got it all covered with StromHRM's most flexible shift scheduling and management system.

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Strom HRMS helped us achieve a major milestone in our digital transformation journey in managing our 34 workforce with ease.

James Green
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Shift board for dynamic shift scheduling

StromHRM being a shift management expert gives your HR professionals a shift board. Loved by millions around the globe, StromHRM shift management software makes the scheduling effortless.

Automatic shift rotation for 24*7 coverage

StromHRM employee shift management is a powerful tool to manage multiple shift patterns in your company. Whether you have rotational or fixed shifts, StromHRM manages it all. The dynamic system manages round the clock 24*7 shifts which can be assigned to employees. You can even rotate employees in multiple shifts such as weekly, monthly, etc.


As subtle as it might be, Strom HRM employee profile pages arouse and encourage your employees to show off their connection with their job and the organization which are often accessed by everyone across the organization.

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When applying for a leave, employees can see who else in their team are already on leave. They can then judiciously make a decision if their absence can further hurt the project delivery.

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