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Strom HRM is the attendance management system that integrates every aspect of time tracking right from capturing time anywhere, scheduling shifts, and tracking over-time. Our facial recognition web app is secure and keeps the data trustworthy.

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Within months of implementing StromHRM, we attained a remarkable increase in transparency and punctuality. It reduced our mundane tasks, and our consultants were really happy with the system and reviews.

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Time tracking that doesn’t feel like micromanaging

Strom HRM gamifies the time tracking and gives a beautiful interface for employees to monitor their time, so your managers do not have to do the micro-management! Keep everyone in the loop by using a shared leave calender. Multiple users can see who in their team is off from any device to schedule their team meetings, manage project and resource planning.

Attendance automation that lets HR focus on people

We want HR to do great things. Tracking attendance manually isn’t one of them. StromHRM Attendance Management Software does end-end automation of tracking, managing, and record employee hours. It does it seamlessly with our facial recognition web app.


As subtle as it might be, Strom HRM employee profile pages arouse and encourage your employees to show off their connection with their job and the organization which are often accessed by everyone across the organization.

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Self Service Portal

Employees can manage their own personal information, attendance, time-off requests, benefits, expenses, performance reviews, and access important documents and handbooks.

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