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StromHRM 360 degree performance management software helps you set up reviews across roles, bands, and departments with simplicity. Enable collaboration in a much-easy process and receive better insights on your people so no roadblocks can impact your employees’ performance.

There is enough anxiety already for working people in a review cycle. The best you can do is reduce the complexity of this process and save them from the hassle. So at the touch of a button, your employees will receive a review form with an intuitive design to aid flexibility.

Management can also, create self review by the employee, Manager reviews and allow peers or anyone within the company to give feedback on certain aspects of the employee performance, which can be tracked using performance trackers. These reviews can also be based on Job role KPIs

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Within months of implementing StromHRM, we attained a remarkable increase in transparency and punctuality. It reduced our mundane tasks, and our consultants were really happy with the system and reviews.

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Managers can focus on people. Not on Process

Your managers can view all the evaluation forms on a bird's eye view dashboard to rate the different team members. They will also have access to the entire feedback history.

Now there is no need to remember information from the last year or more. They can now see the feedback from peers or managers when making key decesions about the performance review.
Also, THe HR Managers can make the final decesions on the review and trackers.


Strom HRM is the attendance management system that integrates every aspect of time tracking right from capturing time anywhere.

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StromHRM cloud based HRMS lets you digitize every process in your organization and helps you transform into a paperless organization. Your first step to digital transformation.

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