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Be progressive. Make impact. Secure with Facial Recognition Clock in and out.

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Progressive HR portal that makes a real difference

Engage your employees not spreadsheets - with our Facial Recognition Attendance system.

StromHRM is the key to unlocking your business's greatest asset – your people.

Implement StromHRM and watch systems automatically fall in place. Irritating concerns just vanish and the workplace is a fun zone again! A simple HR system is a must for all organisations. Track all employee life-cycle activities, simplify HR work and get deep insights with zero effort. Say goodbye to rework, boring excel sheets, confusion, data duplication and inconsistencies! Say hello to happy employees and higher profits!

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Strom HRM is easy to learn, with no technical knowledge. You’ll enjoy doing more with your HR data, without the struggle of paper files or spreadsheets.



Give your workforce a system they can access anywhere. Engage your employees globally, with the Strom HR app for Android and IOS.



Create explosive reports that demonstrate the impact HR is making on your organisation’s success, and tell memorable stories with your company’s data.

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What is HR Software and what is used for?

A Human resources (HR) software solution combines a number of systems and processes and is used by small and large businesses for better employee management—also called Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) or Human Capital Management (HCM) software, Core HR, HR Administration software, It lets you manage employee data, payroll, expenses, benefits, recruitment, on-boarding, training, absence, workloads, performance and more.

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