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Strom HRM software is designed to delight your employees. Our employee centric user experience coupled with hooks and data insights always piques your employee's curiosity and adopt the platform.

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Strom HRMS helped us achieve a major milestone in our digital transformation journey in managing our 34 workforce with ease.

James Green
Vice President HR

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With Strom HRM, experience the true potential of your HR department! Streamline all your HR operations with automated workflows and hassle-free employee management. Boost employee productivity, track employee performance, and drive business growth in the new world with our future-ready product!

Strom HRMS software ensures your employees lose no time groping for information. Every action right from employee leave approvals, peer feedback etc. can all be accessed from an intuitive portal. Available in web and mobile.


As subtle as it might be, Strom HRM employee profile pages arouse and encourage your employees to show off their connection with their job and the organization which are often accessed by everyone across the organization.

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Strom cloud based HRMS lets you digitize every process in your organization and helps you transform into a paperless organization.

Your first step to digital transformation.

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